The construction industry can be a tough game. Here at the Australian Building & Construction Dispute Resolution Service (ABC DRS), we realise that disputes over payment or contractual matters can be big disruptions to your business.

We’re here to make the managing of construction disputes just that little bit easier.

New South Wales adjudication

The state of New South Wales was the first state in Australia to implement security of payment legislation.  ABC DRS is an authorised nominating authority in this jurisdiction and can help in resolving adjudication applications.

The ABC DRS can nominate an adjudicator in the New South Wales jurisdiction to determin your payment dispute.

South Australian adjudication

South Australia adopted security of payment legislation in 2009 when the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act was passed by state government.

ABC DRS is pleased to announce that it is now a registered authorised nominating authority in this jurisdiction and can appoint adjudicators to resolve payment claim disputes.

A.C.T adjudication

Those who live in the nation’s capital can also take advantage of security of payment legislation. ABC DRS is authorised to appoint adjudicator’s to determine adjudication application in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T).

Tasmania adjudication

The only jurisdiction where claims can be made against not only commercial companies but also residential owners, ABC DRS is an nominating authority in this jurisdiction and can help in resolving adjudication applications.

Queensland adjudication

Adjudication is a method of rapid dispute resolution where a construction industry expert, known as an adjudicator, decides on amounts due under a construction contract.

It’s a swift and streamlined approach that brings real results without the hassle of the courtroom or an expensive legal team.

ADR for the construction industry

Alternative Dispute Resolution – or ADR for short – is a faster and cheaper method of resolving conflict with proven beneficial outcomes. Resolving disputes using ADR means you’re back doing your day-to-day work sooner rather than later.

The ABC DRS provides a number of ADR services including adjudication, expert determination, mediation and arbitration.

Training in dispute management

Worried that your company may not know enough about security of payment? Interested in knowing how to make sure your construction contracts are more conflict proof? Would you like to receive accredited training in the area of security of payment?

The ABC DRS can help.