Business days and BCIPA during Christmas

ABC DRS advise that changes brought in to the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act in Queensland (BCIPA) in 2014 now impact the current 2015 christmas period.

The last business day for serving payment claims under BCIPA is the 21st of December. The days between (and including) the 22 December 2015 until the 10th January 2016 are all excluded as business days.

Therefore, if you have received a payment claim on the 21st of December 2015, you have 10 business days starting from (and including) the 11 January 2016. Your payment schedule would be due by the 22nd January at the latest.

These business day rules apply to all facets of the BCIP Act which require business days to be waited out.

The Queensland Building and Construciton Commission have prepared this handy flowchart to explain how business days should be intepretated during Christmas.

Business days under BCIPA during XMAS.
Business days under BCIPA during XMAS. Source: QBCC.

If you need further help with interpretation of this part of the BCIP Act, feel free to contact the ABC DRS.